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coreutils-5.91 released (stable candidate)

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: coreutils-5.91 released (stable candidate)
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:13:38 +0200

This is a bug-fix-only release, and I think it deserves to be
called a stable release, but will wait another week or so before
making that classification official.

The GNU coreutils package contains the following programs:

  [ basename cat chgrp chmod chown chroot cksum comm cp csplit cut date dd
  df dir dircolors dirname du echo env expand expr factor false fmt fold
  ginstall groups head hostid hostname id join kill link ln logname ls
  md5sum mkdir mkfifo mknod mv nice nl nohup od paste pathchk pinky pr
  printenv printf ptx pwd readlink rm rmdir seq sha1sum shred sleep sort
  split stat stty su sum sync tac tail tee test touch tr true tsort tty
  uname unexpand uniq unlink uptime users vdir wc who whoami yes

The coreutils package replaces/unifies the fileutils, sh-utils, and
textutils packages.

Here are the compressed sources:
  ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/coreutils/coreutils-5.91.tar.gz   (7.2MB)
  ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/coreutils/coreutils-5.91.tar.bz2   (4.6MB)

Here are the xdelta-style diffs:
  ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/coreutils/coreutils-5.90-5.91.xdelta   (544KB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures:

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

edf466d6d4fa73f1d5be6c3bad7c9d46  coreutils-5.91.tar.gz
bdaa39885a8018a718ce0dacf168aed7  coreutils-5.91.tar.bz2
2b14758de6ef1220ddd2a30cedf2cf3c  coreutils-5.90-5.91.xdelta
60be029c7a0f8cdbd34a8b732ea689e4bf1963ba  coreutils-5.91.tar.gz
a82d23ff066a66e1e9ff27ea086aab1c449db046  coreutils-5.91.tar.bz2
e86d591c276c511a8950cd061d247bcfa7da7589  coreutils-5.90-5.91.xdelta

How can you help?
If you're interested in lending a hand, or just want to use
the latest versions right now, you can build these programs
and run the test suite like this:

   gzip -dc coreutils-5.91.tar.gz | tar xf -
   cd coreutils-5.91
   make -k check >& log
   grep FAIL log

Be sure to use make's -k option so that make doesn't stop
just because one of the earlier tests fails.
Please report any build problems or test failures to the
address@hidden mailing list.
There are detailed instructions in the `Reporting bugs:' section
of the README file.

For further reading, see the coreutils home page
and the FAQ list:


* Major changes in release 5.91 (2005-10-17) [stable candidate]

** Bug fixes

  "mkdir -p /a/b/c" no longer fails merely because a leading prefix
  directory (e.g., /a or /a/b) exists on a read-only file system.

** Removed options

  tail's --allow-missing option has been removed.  Use --retry instead.

  stat's --link and -l options have been removed.
  Use --dereference (-L) instead.

** Deprecated options

  Using ls, du, or df with the --kilobytes option now evokes a warning
  that the long-named option is deprecated.  Use `-k' instead.

  du's long-named --megabytes option now evokes a warning.
  Use -m instead.

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