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Re: unlink

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: unlink
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:11:42 -0600
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Dave Richards wrote:
> In using unlink (GNU coreutils) 5.3.0
> I found that unlink doesn't support multiple files at once.  I know this
> program isn't used that often, and I suspect that's why it was never
> changed or upgraded.

The unlink command is really for compatibility with legacy unix
systems that also provided that command.  It is one of those low level
commands that has been available forever but has little use today.
The traditional command did not allow multiple arguments either.

> I'm requesting please that support be added for multiple files.
> unlink [file1] <file2> <file3> <file4>

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to use 'rm' in this situation?  Unlink
is mainly useful when dealing with low level restitching of
directories.  At one time it was not uncommon to try to trap
applications in a directory by unlinking the ".." entry.  This was
similar in concept to a chroot but less overhead and also a lower
level of security.  The 'rm' command is not suitable for unlinking the
".." entry.  The actual ability to to do this rests with the
capabilities provided by the filesystem.

Can you provide an example where it is advantageous to use unlink with
multiple files?


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