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Re: dd hangs when attempting to access a tape drive

From: Curt Blank
Subject: Re: dd hangs when attempting to access a tape drive
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 02:13:30 -0500
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I'll do that first thing tomorrow, my backup is about to kick off at 02:00. I had hoped I provided a good amount of information to get started, and thanks. I found a way to label tapes without dd. My first attempt with perl could read existing labels but could not write them. I then moved to C and discovered what I think might have something to do with the problem.

At first I could not write the tapes with C either, the fclose kept failing and the data definitely was not on the tape. Then I got to thinking about blocking factor, so I padded the write to 512 bytes, the block size reported in the boot log for the tape drives, and wahla, it worked. So then I went back to perl and tried the same thing, bingo, worked there to.

So then I went to dd, I know you're hoping, but nada, still hung, I left it for 3300+ seconds according to dd's report and the only way I could get the command prompt back was to either force the drive to unload at the front panel or power down the library. I forgot which, I was trying so many things and I didn't take notes. The tape drive showed Active the whole 3300+ seconds. I was starting to wondering if it was spinning out to EOT but there's no way I can see that while it's occurring.

So I think it might have something to do with block size. I set bs to 512 but the data in the file "if" used was only 31 bytes. I'll probably try by padding the "if" file to 512 and see what happens.

But and here's the catch, this used to work under SuSE 8.1 with a 2.4 kernel, reading and writing with a bs of 32. It's only as of Wednesday and SuSE 9.3 with the 2.6 kernel that the problem started, so something changed somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just trying to figure it out.


-Curt Blank

Jim Meyering wrote:
Thanks for the detailed report.
To narrow it down a little more, please run dd via strace, e.g.,

  strace -o log dd if=file.name of=/dev/nst0 bs=32 count=1

Then, at least, we'll have a good idea which syscall is causing
the trouble.

On general principle, a process that cannot be killed
via `kill -9' suggests a kernel bug.  But even if that's
the case, we may want to make dd avoid triggering it.

Curtis J Blank <address@hidden> wrote:

I've got a problem were dd hangs attempting to access a tape drive, this
used to work fine. The only change is going to the 2.6 kernel, SuSE's 9.3 to be exact. The dd command is (this is all done as root):

dd if=file.name of=/dev/nst0 bs=32 count=1
dd if=/dev/nst0 bs=32 count=1

If it's done command line you cannot ^C out of it, and command line or in
a cron job you cannot kill -9 the process, the only way to get rid of it
is to reboot. mt can access the drive just fine, tar can read and write
the drive just fine.


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