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Re: patch: contrib/compare_tests

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: patch: contrib/compare_tests
Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 15:51:43 -0700

Andrew Pinski wrote:

> > I was lazy today and decided to use compare_tests.  Guess what, it doesn't
> > work on recent coreutils/sort (i.e. the one on FC5).
> >
> > >From the texinfo doc:
> >
> >      On older systems, `sort' supports an obsolete origin-zero syntax
> >   `+POS1 [-POS2]' for specifying sort keys.  This obsolete behavior can
> >   be enabled or disabled with the `_POSIX2_VERSION' environment variable
> >   (*note Standards conformance::), but portable scripts should avoid
> >   commands whose behavior depends on this variable.  For example, use
> >   `sort ./+2' or `sort -k 3' rather than the ambiguous `sort +2'.
> This is the same problem as tail and head.  Someone should tell Coreutils
> that again they broking stuff that should work no matter what environment
> variable is set.
> Also Redhat (and all other distros) should think about bycotting GNU
> Coreutils until they fix this bug.

Coreutils is just implementing the decisions of the Austin Common
Standards Revision Group.

If someone posted here that e.g. g++ rejected code that was not valid
C++0x the response would be exactly the same, "fix your code" not "g++
is buggy for not accepting this broken code and should be boycotted."


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