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wc feature request with patch

From: Sven Heinicke
Subject: wc feature request with patch
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 16:35:36 -0400
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Ms. or Mr. bug-coreutils,

I needed to measure the size of some byte streams and didn't want to do all the 
by hand.  So I patched in a --human-readable option into wc that prints the 
byte count in 
human readable format.  If both -c and -h are used it will print both, which is 
what I 
really want.  Here is a sample of the output:

$ ./wc -ch wc*
 87460    86K wc
 16971    17K wc.c
 17038    17K wc.c~
 16475    17K wc.c.orig
  3163   3.1K wc-c.patch
 27324    27K wc.o
168431   165K total

I didn't change the default output.

I didn't totally understand the the last two arguments of human_readable, but I 
think I got 
it to be the same way the -h option does it with vdir using no other options.

Enclosed in the patch for wc.c

 Sven Heinicke

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