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Re: chattr fails tests on non ext,xfs filesystems

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: chattr fails tests on non ext,xfs filesystems
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:06:28 +0100

"Mike Grayson" <address@hidden> wrote:
> In file coreutils-6.3/tests/tail-2/append-only, lines 2-3:
> # Ensure that tail -f works on an append-only file
> # Requires root access to do chattr +a, as well as an ext[23] or xfs file
> system
> ...which causes the test suite to fail on non supporting filesystems.  It
> would be better if this test would be skipped instead.

Thanks for testing as root, and for the report.
I've fixed it like this:

        * tests/tail-2/append-only: If chattr +a fails, exit 77 (to tell
        automake we're skipping this test), and give a diagnostic to tell
        the user the same thing.  Reported by Mike Grayson.

diff --git a/tests/tail-2/append-only b/tests/tail-2/append-only
index ee79245..cee6644 100755
--- a/tests/tail-2/append-only
+++ b/tests/tail-2/append-only
@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ chattr +a f 2>/dev/null || framework_fai
 echo x >> f || framework_failure=1

 if test $framework_failure = 1; then
-  echo "$0: failure in testing framework" 1>&2
-  (exit 1); exit 1
+  echo "$0: chattr +a doesn't work on this file system; skipping this test " 
+  (exit 77); exit 77


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