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Re: test du/trailing-slash fails for coreutils-6.5 under Solaris 9

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: test du/trailing-slash fails for coreutils-6.5 under Solaris 9
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 11:11:29 +0100

Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> I installed the following into gnulib; when combined with coreutils it
> passes the little test case you sent on Solaris 9 sparc, along with
> the 'make check' test case.
> This doesn't have a separate fstatat module as you suggested.  I tried
> that, but it was a bit overkill (required #include "fstatat.h", etc.,
> which I'm not a big fan of).  Since openat already tests for lstat
> symlink/ problems, I figured it was easier just to fold the code into
> openat.

Wow.  Now it's my turn to marvel at _your_ quick work :-)
especially since it was done yesterday.  Thanks for doing that!

> 2006-11-20  Paul Eggert  <address@hidden>
>       * lib/openat.h (rpl_fstatat): New macro, if

At first, I was taken aback to see "LSTAT_..." above, rather than
FSTATAT_..., but I see the point: no other system is likely to provide
openat support along with that same lstat bug.

>       (fstatat): Define to rpl_fstatat under the same conditions,
>       unless COMPILING_FSTATAT.
>       * m4/openat.m4 (gl_FUNC_OPENAT): Compile fstatat.c too, if fstatat
>       seems to have the bug.
>       * lib/fstatat.c: New file.
>       * modules/openat (Files): Add it.

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