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Re: cp and "blah/." or "." as a source

From: Zak
Subject: Re: cp and "blah/." or "." as a source
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 23:45:19 +0000

On 4 Dec 2006, at 03:39, Eric Blake wrote:
I'd guess (wildly) that POSIX says cp should fail and do nothing rather than do what it does.

- -a is a GNU extension, so POSIX says nothing about how it behaves.

OK, but the -R (or maybe -r), which is I guess what I really meant, might be specified by POSIX. If only the standard were free I'd have a read and see.

It should not matter whether you spell the source as 'src/.' or the shorter 'src', since both spellings name the same hierarchy.

That's my point. I suspect it shouldn't matter, but it does. If you say "src" or "src/" you get one behaviour, but if you say "src/." you get another, despite the fact that they name the same directory.

Yes, the behavior you posted looks like it matches the documentation.

How can it match the documentation when the behaviour for "src/" and "src/." differs and there's nothing to say "src/." is a special case?

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