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Re: rmdir problem in Molinux

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: rmdir problem in Molinux
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 10:12:03 -0800

"M. David Frost" wrote:

>  rmdir filename (error message - directory not empty)
>  rmdir -rf filename (error message - invalid option -- r)
>  When I type:
>  dir filename
>  the directory is empty.

It may not be empty.  ls doesn't show everything by default.  Files that
begin with "." for example are not shown.  You need to use "ls -a" (or
-A if you don't want to see . and ..) or similar to see them.

[ Also, that you are using "dir" and not the usual "ls" suggests some
background in DOS/Windows.  I suggest you don't let this confuse you, as
many concepts are similar but completely different in the details, such
as this case of ls not listing dot-files.  So throw out the old
knowledge, and instead just sit down with "info coreutils" and browse. ]

>  Does the Molinux distribution not support -rf? And what is the solution?

-r and -f are options for rm, not rmdir.  They are different commands. 
Note that you can always run "command --help" or "info command" or "man
command" if you want to see what options it supports.


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