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mistake in manpage for expr

From: Vajzovic, Tom
Subject: mistake in manpage for expr
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 11:26:58 -0000


The manpage I have, with the following footer:

expr 5.97     August 2006     EXPR(1)

states that `expr ARG1 - ARG2` should print the "arithmetic difference of ARG1 
and ARG2"

but I have:

address@hidden:~$ expr 5 - 7

Of course, five minus seven is negative two, but the _difference_ between five 
and seven is positive two, since differences are always positive.

May I suggest you correct your manual to read:

"subtraction of ARG1 and ARG2"

or some other more appropriate word which describes the functionality of the 



Tom Vajzovic
Postgraduate Researcher in Physics

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