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Re: What is the opposite of 'printf'?

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: What is the opposite of 'printf'?
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 16:22:37 -0600
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
Paul Eggert wrote:
Matthew Woehlke writes:
Given the remainder of this thread, can one of the maintainers offer
an opinion on whether or not 'unprintf' (also useful for programmers;
again, see rest of the thread) would be a useful addition to
coreutils, or perhaps some other existing GNU project?

I dunno, it sounds fairly specialized.  Why not just use a portable
POSIX script instead?

Hmm... yes, probably (thanks for a reply, at least!), but it isn't quite as simple as writing a script. Yes, you can do it that way, but it isn't as simple/efficient as it seems at first glance. What I eventually wrote is intended to work 'well' with things that are mostly-but-not-entirely ASCII, i.e. it translates 'a' to 'a', and so forth, while translating non-printing characters into escapes while trying to emit the shortest possible sequences. You do realize that you can't translate '\0\x30' (a NUL followed by a printing zero digit) into '\00', right? ;-) 'Shortest sequence' requires looking ahead.

I should note that I'm still waiting for the someone to step up as
miscutils maintainer, address@hidden never got back to me about it.

Hmm... don't think I have time for package maintainership (plus I am terrible with autotools :-)). Too bad. Does anyone else have time? Pleeeease?

Seriously, depending on how complicated it is, I might be able to help out, I'm just not willing to commit to being the primary/only maintainer. :-)

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