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Re: include dos2unix/unix2dos in coreutils ?

From: Bauke Jan Douma
Subject: Re: include dos2unix/unix2dos in coreutils ?
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 21:18:51 +0100
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Pádraig Brady wrote on 20-12-06 18:52:

Perhaps we could use the retired shellutils name?
Would that be too confusing?

Yes too confusing.
Like I said, just this time with some added seriousness:

What's the english name again for a box (not a toolbox)
where you keep all kinds of unassorted odds and ends?


Div-utils (diverse).  Hmm, that sounds good.

Orphan-utils (not at home in any other package).


Various-utils. Or var-utils -- that sounds great.
How about that: var-utils? <--


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