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Re: help

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: help
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 12:54:25 +0000

On 12/31/06, Kilvio Ramirez <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello as these I am a usario of linux and I have the version of linux 7,3


That's not a version number of Linux (they don't go that high, the
kernel is still at 2.x).  Nor is it a version number of coreutils
(which is at 6.7).   Perhaps it is the version number of some other
thing, but I don't know what.   Anyway, you don't seem to be talking
about coreutils.  This mailing list is dedicated to GNU coreutils (see

and have a program of acucobol, and I use the commando (who) to see the 
equipment remote that they estan connected the servant, but are many of those 
equipment that appears connected by who and really esta...com or I cannot solve 
that problem, I I want that she presents/displays the machines to me that 
really this connected in the sevidor..please to respond to me as rapidly as 
possible. I go to you to agredecer

I'm not completely sure I understand the question you are asking.  I
think you are using the "who" program and seeing output you don't
expect.   I'm not sure exactly  what the problem is, though.

Please show us exactly what command you type and all the output it
produces (please abbreviate it to just the relevant section if the
output is very long).  Please also explain to us how the output you
expect or want is different to what you actually get.   Don't forget
that we can't see what is on your computer, so unless you give us
enough information to understand your problem, we can't help you to
solve it.


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