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[PATCH]: who -r empty last runlevel + missing informations about some wh

From: Ondřej Vašík
Subject: [PATCH]: who -r empty last runlevel + missing informations about some who options in coreutils.texi
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 14:38:02 +0200

In rhbz #453249 Gian Piero De Lolliis (address@hidden) reported missing last
runlevel in who -r. Command runlevel displayed last runlevel 'N' - which
should be displayed as last=S in who -r. Attached patch fixes that issue
(another possibility could be to not display "last=" at all for this
case). As this is just a small change I think it doesn't deserve
mentioning in NEWS.

Additionally I found that there are some options missing in
coreutils.texi "who" section. I added just the options + basic info from
help, it would be good to extend it, but this is at least first step.

         Ondrej Vasik

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