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Re: dd (coreutils 6.10)

From: Jon Grant
Subject: Re: dd (coreutils 6.10)
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:25:33 +0100
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Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Andreas Schwab wrote on 29/06/08 11:59:
Jon Grant <address@hidden> writes:

I noticed that dd tries the to read the same 512-byte block 40 times
before giving up. Could it not give up on each block after say.. 1 or 2

dd just tells the kernel to read the block, and immediately gives up on
it when the kernel returns an error.  Any repetition is controlled by
the device driver in the kernel.

that's interesting, as the error log made it look like it was dd that
was looping. I'm using dd_rescue now, and that gives up after a single
read, not sure if it is accessing the block device in a different way if
its the kernel that is controlling the repetition.

Any ideas why the dd error log showed it repeating the read of each sector 40 times (there were aprox 4 lines per read, with input/output error and then retry etc)

Kind regards, Jon

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