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Re: [bug #24974] Document that comm's option "-1", "-2" and "-3" can be

From: Bo Borgerson
Subject: Re: [bug #24974] Document that comm's option "-1", "-2" and "-3" can be combined
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 11:45:13 -0500
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Pádraig Brady wrote:
> p.s. Those new --check-order --nocheck-order options confuse me.
> When they were added I only took a quick look at the implementation
> rather than the interface (which Bo Borgerson kindly sped up for us).
> Perhaps something like this would be clearer:
>   --check-order={none,mismatch,unsorted}
>   By default --check-order=mismatch is enabled.
> I suppose it's too late to change now.

Hi Pádraig,

If I remember correctly the three possibilities are effectively severity
levels for an 'out-of-order' exception:

--nocheck-order => SILENT (don't actually check)
--check-order   => FATAL

For me "mismatch" and "unsorted" aren't obvious keywords, but I can see
how an argument to the --check-order option could be clearer than the
current interface.

Would an _optional_ argument using a scheme like the one you suggested
above be worth providing?  I suspect it might actually add to confusion
due to the need for continued support for the current scheme as well,
but it should be possible to allow both:

--nocheck-order => --check-order=none
  [DEFAULT]     => --check-order=warning
--check-order   => --check-order=fatal



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