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Re: timespec declaration issue on Tru64

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: timespec declaration issue on Tru64
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:38:54 +0100
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Ralf Wildenhues cited Daniel Richard G. and wrote:
> > However, I'm running into a more tricky issue during the build...
> > 
> > source='sig2str.c' object='sig2str.o' libtool=no  DEPDIR=.deps 
> > depmode=tru64 
> > /bin/ksh ../build-aux/depcomp  cc -std -std  -I.    -ieee   -g -c -o 
> > sig2str.o 
> > sig2str.c
> > cc: Error: /usr/include/sys/timers.h, line 107: The member "it_interval" 
> > has 
> > an incomplete type. (incompmem)
> >         struct          timespec it_interval; /* timer interval */
> > ---------------------------------^
> Yes, this is where I got stuck, too, on OSF/Tru64 4.0D.  I haven't been
> able to get to the bottom of it yet, but it seems that there is some
> impedance mismatch between the replacement header lib/time.h and the
> headers included by /usr/include/time.h.  struct timespec is defined in
> /usr/include/sys/sysmisc.h, but somehow the inclusion tree ends up
> expanding use before definition.

The usual way to debug this kind of things is
  1) to look at the preprocessor output. Here:
     $  cc -std -std  -I.    -ieee   -g -E sig2str.c > i
     Does this output contain the typedef for 'struct timespec' or not?
     If so, does it use the definition from <sys/sysmisc.h> or from gnulib?
  2) to try different compiler standard flags. What does "cc -std" mean,
     according to the manual pages? What effect does it have to compile
     without the "-std" option?


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