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all around trouble

From: Einar Schlereth
Subject: all around trouble
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 09:02:06 +0100

Sorry, but I can't name the trouble. I got it when saving some
documents. I scanned for virus but couldn't find none.
The desktop started suddenly racing from left to right or from right to
left or from up downwards, starting programs that I didn't want or the 
PC was simply shut down or hanging up. 
"Reporting a bug" doesn't work and the "tool for faults" either.
I had just installed the new Ubuntu 8.04.1 and what me struck immidiatly
that was that the little "clock" was always there and turning around.

Before that I was using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for 2 years without any problem
until saving that damned document. And I guess that the shit was picked
up when I downloaded 8.04.1.
Please tell me what you need to know or what I can do.
Thanks in advance
Einar Schlereth

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