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Re: wc command

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: wc command
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 06:03:29 -0700
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According to chakrapani.chittabathina on 12/17/2008 1:06 AM:

Hello Chakrapani,

> Bug : when i am using "wc" command, i've entered only wc without any
> option and file name even, acidently, then it didn't give any error
> report, even not giving help info.

This is not a bug, but expected behavior.  When you don't provide any
arguments, wc acts as a filter, and counts the words input on stdin.  In
your case, stdin is the terminal where you entered the command, so wc is
now waiting for you to type words, followed by the terminal's end-of-file
sequence (typically Ctrl-D).  This applies not only to wc, but to many of
the coreutils; it sounds like you are a bit unfamiliar with the Unix
paradigm of tools that act as filters when not given a file name to act upon.

>    And, i found one thing about CentOS, it is little bit slow compare to
> windows which is running in he same hardware.

That would be an issue with CentOS, not coreutils.  In turn, Windows is
very slow compared to Linux running in the same hardware, not to mention
that GNU/Linux systems give you more freedoms than a proprietary OS.

> DISCLAIMER: The information in this message is confidential

As a note of netiquette, these sorts of disclaimers are unenforceable on
publicly archived mailing lists.  However, some people refuse to reply to
mail where a trailer like this has been inserted.  Therefore, you may want
to consider using a different account when mailing bug reports.

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