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Re: dd truncates reads of large block sizes to 2GiB

From: Kamil Dudka
Subject: Re: dd truncates reads of large block sizes to 2GiB
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 13:48:33 +0100
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On Thursday 25 of December 2008 01:16:56 Kent Vander Velden wrote:
> When a large block size is specified with dd (coreutils 6.12), the read is
> truncated at 2GiB (on a x64 Linux 2.6.25 system.) The following examples
> show attempts to write 6GiB. The first example attempts to write three 2
> GiB blocks, while the second example attempts to write a single 6 GiB
> block. While the first succeeds, the latter only writes 2 GiB. The third
> example shows the results from a patched version of dd. A patch is included
> below the system information. I tried to follow the example of iwrite()
> when patching iread().
Thank you for report and the patch. A patch like this is already included in 
current coreutils:

You can trigger this behavior by dd option iflag=fullblock.


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