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Re: Providing pointers to more generic help

From: John Sullivan
Subject: Re: Providing pointers to more generic help
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 12:22:13 -0500
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"James Youngman" <address@hidden> writes:

> The logical thing to do is put a single web page somewhere on
> www.gnu.org and include in that page things that help users find
> resources to help them.   I've made an outline of such a document
> below.   It would likely be an enhancement to the document currently
> at <http://www.gnu.org/help/gethelp.html>.
> What do you think?   If you think this is a good idea but think the
> outline could be better, please et me know.

Seems like a good idea to me, as an enhancement to gethelp.html.

We get *a lot* of requests for technical assistance with specific
programs sent to address@hidden/address@hidden, so it would also help all of
those people if we had a better page to point them to.

> <H3>Support-related Benefits of Free Software</H3>
>   <!-- How the three freedoms help people to help you. -->

Four :)

>   <H4>The Linux Documentation Project</H4>

I don't think we can point to this from gnu.org due to the naming
issues. Along the same lines, though, pointing to
http://flossmanuals.net might be good.

> <H3>Mailing Lists and Newsgroups</H3>
>  <H4>How to Find the Right Mailing List<H4>
>     <!-- Point to the GNU mailman instance.
>          Also GMANE and other similar mailing list archives.  -->     

Another helpful thing could be to point toward the Free Software
Directory -- people can find mailing list and other useful support info
on the entry page for the program they are using.

 > <H4>Meeting People Who Can Help</H4>
 > <!-- LUGs etc.  Do we call them GNU/LUGs? :) -->

There are free software groups and GLUGs, linked to from

Maybe it would also be useful to mention the idea of seeing if anyone
has had the problem before by searching bug/issue trackers and mailing
list archives?

John Sullivan
Manager of Operations
GPG Key: AE8600B6

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