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Re: a fix for color ls with wrapped lines.

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: a fix for color ls with wrapped lines.
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 21:47:06 +0100

Jan Engelhardt <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>Thanks for the report.
>>>Can you list a few terminal emulators that are affected?
>>>The more the better.
>>This affects at least linux vt, xterm and urxvt, possibly much more.
>>>Also, please tell precisely how to demonstrate the problem.
>>touch zzzz.foo
>>(must be the last file in a long listing, long enough to cause scrolling)
>>LS_COLORS="*.foo=0;31;42" ls -l
> I notice that this has not yet been corrected in the coreutils
> git head. Has there been any update on it?

Thanks for the follow-up.
I've just tried to reproduce the problem using the latest
version of ls, invoked from a linux vt, then xterm, aterm and rxvt
windows.  Each time, I did this in an empty directory:

  seq 100|xargs touch; touch z.foo
  env LS_COLORS='*.foo=0;31;42' ls -l --color

All I see on the last line is a red "z.foo" on a green background,
and then the usual prompt.

If you can still demonstrate the problem using coreutils-7.0,
please try to provide enough details so others can reproduce it.

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