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chown and bash trashed part of system

From: Vincent Chapman
Subject: chown and bash trashed part of system
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 20:09:53 -0700

bash version 3.2.29 and chown version 6.10

Permisions in home folder on hidden directories with root and not

$ sudo chown -R vincent:vincent * 

changed all but the hidden folders, so did not work for this situation

$ sudo chown -R vincent:vincent .*  

Command very bad.  

.* wild card picked up directory entry '..' and like requested chown
descended into sub directories, BUT chown also ascended into parent
directory, in this case home, and descended into all sub directories
thus trashing all permisions in /home/otherguy /home/yetanotherguy and
just for the hell of it, /home/lost+found
Luckily I only messed up three user home directories.  Should there be a
filter for '..' that prohibts chown from assending towards / ?

Vincent Chapman

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