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can't find out cumin-admin command

From: yuan xinfang
Subject: can't find out cumin-admin command
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 18:39:21 -0600

hi, sir

i have met a problem , i have install cumin and mrg management .

now i install cumin -0.1-3.el5, mrgmanagement -1.0-2.noarch

it setup succeed for it . and database have create
cumin-database-init   it's ok
su cumin    it's ok

cumin-admin adduser testuser    doens't work show me this command not found

i don't know where can i find out this command package.

another question
we i try to install cumin-0.1-6  noarch.rpm.. it show me succeed ,but i init
database show e global "clog"  can't find. do i need to upgrede other rpm
for releateship this


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