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new snapshot available: coreutils-7.1.71-e0149

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: coreutils-7.1.71-e0149
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 18:20:47 +0100

There have been a few portability and test-related fixes since last snapshot.
The only pending bug-fix is the one for ls -v, which should
come via gnulib's strverscmp module.

coreutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.gz      9.3 MB
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.xz      3.9 MB

Changes since 7.1.63-8e6a6:

Eric Blake (1):
      dd: use a more portable definition of O_FULLBLOCK

Jim Meyering (7):
      tests: df/total-verify: avoid test failure with older Perl
      tests: avoid spurious mkdir/selinux test failure on HP-UX 11.23
      tests: teach sc_dd_O_FLAGS about new syntax in dd.c
      tests: modernize: use $(var) makefile notation, not @var@
      tests: follow own advice: use $(PATH_SEPARATOR), not ":"
      tests: search only files that are under version control
      * gnulib: Update submodule to latest.

There have been a few portability fixes via gnulib, too.

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