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rm 8.1

From: Ladislav Hagara
Subject: rm 8.1
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 00:46:54 +0100
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Hi all,

the behaviour of rm from last stable coreutils 8.1 is quite different
from previous 7.6 one.
When using new rm lots of strange message appear: rm: invalid argument:
`', for example when run make in libxt sources.
Moreover some scrips which until now have removed files don't work with
new rm.


Previous rm prints message "No such file or directory" and removes files:

$ rm --version | head -n 1
rm (GNU coreutils) 7.6
$ touch a b c; rm a b "" c; ls
rm: cannot remove `': No such file or directory

New 8.1 rm prints another message "invalid argument" and DOESN'T remove

# rm --version | head -n 1
rm (GNU coreutils) 8.1
# touch a b c; rm a b "" c; ls
rm: invalid argument: `'
a  b  c

This problem arises when variable isn't defined, for example rm "$FILE".

Is this a bug or a new feature of rm 8.1?
Should all scripts be rewritten (test if file really exist and then
remove it) or new rm 8.2 will again remove files?


Ladislav Hagara

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