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bug#7007: cannot pipe or redirect output from cut

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: bug#7007: cannot pipe or redirect output from cut
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 17:18:18 -0600
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David Longstaff wrote:
> I am probably doing it wrong, as I have only just installed the coreutils,
> but I cannot pipe or redirect output from "cut". I know Unix shells pretty
> well and windows command prompt reasonably well but after trying every
> variation I can think of I cannot get to work. Other utils are ok, "cat" for
> instance is ok.

Thank you for your report.  In order to help debug this problem we
will need some more information.  Can you tell us whether you have
compiled coreutils yourself or whether you installed a pre-compiled
package from someplace?  And along with that what version?  You can
get the version from the command itself with:

  cut --version

That will also verify that you are invoking the program that you think
you are invoking.  There may be a different program named the same
involved or a command alias or some such.

Then since piping the output of a program is a common feature of all
of the programs as you might expect it is working for us.  If it were
not then the tests for cut would have failed.  If you compiled this
could you show us the test results?  There would be good information
there.  If you installed a pre-compiled package then this is most
likely a problem with the tools from that particular source.


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