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bug#7572: [PATCH] PAM support for su [Re: bug#7572: ping

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: bug#7572: [PATCH] PAM support for su [Re: bug#7572: ping
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011 15:15:47 +0200

Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Are there any concerns with the patch? It would be really nice to
> have this merged upstream to avoid further fragmentation.

Hi Ludwig,

The main concern is that by default coreutils doesn't even build su anymore.

However, if this makes it easier on Fedora and Suse packagers, then
I suppose it's worthwhile.

If you'd like to pursue the matter, there are a few missing pieces:

 - Ensure that "make syntax-check" still passes with this patch.
   I see cpp indentation that may fail the test that runs cppi.
   That test is run only when cppi is installed, so you may have
   to install it.

 - it will need a ChangeLog entry, including attribution if you can
   dig that up.

 - I haven't looked carefully, but considering the size, I'd be
   surprised if there is no need to document changes -- in

 - include a NEWS entry

 - tests would be most welcome, but I won't insist on those


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