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bug#9987: RFE: 'groups' command ADD command switches "-0", and "-1"

From: Linda A. Walsh
Subject: bug#9987: RFE: 'groups' command ADD command switches "-0", and "-1"
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 18:04:51 -0800
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Pádraig Brady wrote:

Hmm. I suppose by extension that `id -Gn` should accept -1 too.
But do you really want to support group names with spaces?
`groupadd` for example won't allow this.
I suppose integration with LDAP etc. might get arbitrary group names.

... i.e. some don't have names (thanks samba/winbind!)...
Some map to BUILTIN\xxxx

Since I'm logged into the Domain Controller, I wouldn't expect to see the Domainname,
FWIW, when I type in 'id', I get:
> id
uid=5001(lindaw) gid=201(lwgroup) groups=201(lgroup),0(root),5(tty),6(disk),8(mail),
512(Domain Admins),513(Domain Users),517(Cert Publishers),
518(Schema Admins),519(Enterprise Admins),544(Administrators),
545(Users),547(Power Users),548(Account Operators),
551(Backup Operators),555(Remote Desktop Users),
558(Performance Monitor Users),
50001(samba),50002(Trusted Local Net Users),

But on my Windows 7 workstation, under cygwin, I type in 'id' and I see:

uid=90026(Bliss\lindaw) gid=71008(Bliss\lwgroup) groups=71008(Bliss\lwgroup),0(root),544(Administrators),
555(Remote Desktop Users),545(Users),1005(lwgroup),
60002(Bliss\Trusted Local Net Users),
10512(Bliss\Domain Admins),11039(Bliss\Unix Group root)

(none of the local groups are mapped over, but some of the the groups are 'domain group' and get mapped over...)...

See and there's that 'Bliss\lindaw', on cygwin, that I had to deal with on linux...

Of course, another problem Samba causes is it mangles the case names, -- windows partly cares and linux/unix REALLY cares.... I've tried to get them to change that, but they pretty much threw up there hands and said 'too big a bug to fix...break it down into small pieces for us'...
(since it involves user names, groupnames, domain names, hostnames, etc...

Windows is case preserving but ignoring, vs. samba is case mangling (upper or lower depending on what it 'thinks' it is, which is great, since user and host names get mangled in opposite directions, but hostnames have to be registered as usernames ...Of course you have "nimnils" like me, who
are silly enough to use 'Upper and Lower case...and boy ... it *USED* to
work for years...but that was before ...about 6 months ago...I think they either changed something in samba, in windows or both...

Have seen more than one notation on the internet about how MS has done things to break samba compatibility over the years...Now they are both
allowing mixed case, and in some cases treating it differently...

My workstation is listed as belonging to workgroup 'BLISS', but domain
'Bliss' (my domain name took it's name from the initial XP background (bliss.jpg/bliss.scr)...green grass blue sky...)...It was meant as 'irony..'Bliss...& windows...'...oi!


Using a somewhat reverse mode of attack,in the Music-labeling space, MS media player is refusing to play any songs labeled in UTF-8...has to be UTF-16 (which is also illegal, but gets by because it's too hard to tell from USC-2) which is what is allowed).... So there they are shutting out products that don't conform to their standard (of course interestingly the id3v2.org folks are well padded with MS-centric standards and lingo...
Gee..I wonder who sponsors them...

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