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bug#10446: GNU Youtube Advanced Command Line KungFu

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: bug#10446: GNU Youtube Advanced Command Line KungFu
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 17:49:47 -0700
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Jan Girke wrote:
> It would be very bold if you make complete video how to's for all the
> command line tools and the different CLI's.

I know that different people learn things in different ways.  I know
that videocasts are very popular these days.  If you would like to
create your own video blogs with a tutorial series on basic utilities
that would be great.

I personally don't find them very attractive.  The take a lot of time.
They go at their own pace and not mine.  I can't search the video for
details when I am looking for them later.

> For example somebody from the core utils group showed me how to sort
> coloumns on the standard output and I have never ever seen that
> stuff again anywhere.  It is like if I don't ask you guys I will
> never get that knowledge.

There are already many, many, *many* books, HOWTOs, tutorials,
manuals, and other documentation already available.  I think it isn't
really fair to say that you don't have any way to learn this
information other than by asking here about it.  There are many User
Groups for face to face discussion.  There are classes.  There are
endless web pages.

The information necessary to learn is available.  It just takes work
and motivation to learn it.

> You can even teach me and I will make the tutorials available on the
> internet.  Something like "Advanced CLI handling", "Advanced Command
> Line Usage" or "Advanced Command Line Kung Fu".

You might start by doing a review of the available HOWTOs and
tutorials.  You could summarize them by topic.  You could provide
feedback to their authors for updates and bugs.

Perhaps as part of the review of the existing work you could produce a
video blog of your reviews.  That would be super!


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