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bug#10498: New patch for rm. Jesús Hernández Gormaz.

From: Jesús Hernández Gormaz
Subject: bug#10498: New patch for rm. Jesús Hernández Gormaz.
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 02:35:53 +0000

Hello, I am Jesús Hernández Gormaz.

The attachment DIFF is the patch obtained (as indicated in the HACKING file)
  with the command:
    git format-patch --stdout -1 > DIFF

Rm program using the - no-preserve-root to delete the entire root directory
  recursively, without prompting. This makes it possible to hide the command
  between the lines of a script that appears to have a useful function and
  root permissions, eliminating the user's system without the knowledge of
In script_of_deception.sh can see an example, very simple and not realistic
  serve only as an example of how you could trick the user (CAUTION: DO NOT
  RUN without a rm has already applied my patch).

Tabi included some screenshots of rm with my changes in operation, both
  rm-fr - no-preserve-root / script_of_deception.sh running manually and in
  cases preventing the removal of the operating system without explicit user

The idea that this would be a nice change arose from the cycle classes of
  microcomputer systems and networks, studying the scripts of GNU / Linux in
  one of the practices planning to run an rm to delete the entire root
  and the teacher was with superuser permissions for scripts you need. In a
  seconds, and without prompting, the system was completely erased. Asking
  user for confirmation nasty accidents can be avoided by running a script
  someone wrote in a malicious way.


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