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bug#11316: coreutils 8.16: du

From: andreas.quitzow
Subject: bug#11316: coreutils 8.16: du
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 17:09:23 +0200

Hello all,

I've seen a problem with the /usr/local/coreutils/bin/du command (coreutils 
8.16) on our HP-UX 11.31 Itanium 2.

-          For local volumes it shows the same size as /usr/bin/du

-          For volumes mounted from Oracle-Solaris NFS servers it also shows 
the same size as /usr/bin/du

-          But for volumes NFS-mounted from HP-UX 11.31 NFS-Servers it shows 
only half the size of /usr/bin/du,
where /usr/bin/du is correct.

# cd /some/HP-UX/NFS/volume

# /usr/local/coreutils/bin/du  -sk .

1990683 .

# /usr/bin/du -sk .

3980468 .


Has this already been reported?

The installed NFS-Version on HP-UX NFS-server and -client is:

# swlist -l product | grep -i nfs

  NFS                   B.11.31.12     ONC/NFS; Network-File System,Information 


Andreas Quitzow

Servermanagement UNIX


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