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bug#23153: [PATCH]: For FIXME in cp.c

From: Rishabh Dave
Subject: bug#23153: [PATCH]: For FIXME in cp.c
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 20:58:01 +0530


I have wrote the attached patch for following FIXME in file src/cp.c -

/* FIXME: consider not calling getenv for SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX unless
     we'll actually use backup_suffix_string.  */
  backup_suffix_string = getenv ("SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX");

Since we use backup_suffix_string to duplicate it into
simple_backup_suffix, I brought the getenv() call there, that too, only if
required (as simple_backup_suffix already stores tilde already).

I did 'diff -ur'  directly against original cp.c (named cp-original.c,
then) to create the patch. I tested patch using -b, --backup and --suffix
option of c. Version I have used is latest one on savannah.gnu.org -

There was cppi (didn't know what it does) at the bottom of coreutil's
download page. After reading it's README, I concluded that it is not to be
considered while debugging/fixing coreutils. Hopefully, I was correct in
doing so.

If incorrect, please do correct me in any case. :)

There was one little doubt, maybe bug, after doing '--backups=numbered' it
becomes impossible to have suffixed backups (using --suffix or -b) until we
do '--backup=simple' explicitly. Is this supposed to be? I tried with both
altered and unaltered version of cp.
(And should I have or should create/d a new separate thread? I wasn't sure.)

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