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bug#26422: historical feature or grand daddy bug?

From: L A Walsh
Subject: bug#26422: historical feature or grand daddy bug?
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2017 22:59:40 -0700
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Kyle Sallee wrote:
Thanks for the fast response.
Right or wrong POSIX is POSIX,
Yet a LF as part of a line does seem worth counting.
A line must terminate with a line feed.
Yet a string does not require a line feed.
   how is that important?  Sort sorts lines, not strings.
but for actual sorting tasks; would consecutive LF be common?
   Anytime you have multiple blank lines in a row,
you have consecutive line feeds.

If the sort function's compare function was inlined
rather than called from a pointer
then a modest 5% performance boon could become.
To implement some creativity would be required.
   I'm sure if you submitted a working patch + documentation
+ rights assigned to GNU, and first born child given to FSF,
the coreutil maintainers would consider it.

   (ok maybe the first born isn't required these days,
I think some POSIX update changed that)
If the input data was not copied
and string conversion was omitted
then another 5% performance boon could become.
   patches patches patches...
The sort method used is not known.
However, a merge sort has some surprisingly frequent
uhm code paths like a 3 way comparison
which can be implemented for 2 or 3 comparisons
and 0 to 4 memory moves.
um... it's open source... note -- something that might
affect your algorithm design: it has to handle sort
input that is greater than the size of memory
and in different character encodings.


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