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bug#27942: Bug regarding "touch" command

From: L A Walsh
Subject: bug#27942: Bug regarding "touch" command
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2017 01:52:40 -0700
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Paul Eggert wrote:
pavan kumar yalavarthi wrote:
" *touch -* " is not working i.e., file named " - " is not being created

It's not a bug. In coreutils, 'touch -' is documented to touch the standard output file, not a file named '-'. The POSIX specification for 'touch' allows either the coreutils behavior or the other

Thought it was a bit humorous, the bit about touching ... "stdout"?
or...  as in "/dev/stdout"?   Definitely not in my man page for touch,
new change?  I do see it in "touch --help", so seems relatively new.

What is touched ? /dev/stdout? "Touching the 'file' associated with stdout"?
How would I (or someone) use it?  Was/is there a use case
that supported or needed the new feature?

Curious: partially because I was/am amused and see no clue as to how
to use such a feature.

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