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bug#29606: Command 'fold' dangerous with utf-8 input

From: Mark Roberts
Subject: bug#29606: Command 'fold' dangerous with utf-8 input
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 11:10:02 +0100 (CET)
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Dear maintainers,

I am using fold version 8.13 on a Debian 3.2.93-1

cat filename | fold

If 'filename' contains utf8 characters consisting of more than one byte, fold will consider breaking the line inside such a character. There is no option to stop it doing that.

Except, of course "-s": break at spaces. But that may not be what the user wants.

According to man-page, it counts columns by default, not bytes. This seems not to be true. The switch "-b": count bytes, has no influence on the output in my test case.

How to fix this?

I presume that either (1) the default behavior (counting columns) is not what I expect, namely to count characters instead of bytes. This would have to be clarified in man-page.

or (2) that the default isn't what the man-page says it is: possibly the default set in the code is to count bytes. This would be an error.

or (3) that 'fold' fails to read my "LANG" environment variable which clearly states a UTF-8 locale. This, in 2017, is an error.

Please write back to address@hidden if you need example data or clarifications.

Thank you,
Mark Roberts

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