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bug#34110: feature request: dual-column du output, showing "real" and "o

From: René J . V . Bertin
Subject: bug#34110: feature request: dual-column du output, showing "real" and "on-disk" sizes (and about that "apparent-size" concept)
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 21:13:15 +0100
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I hope feature requests are acceptable here.

Now that more and more filesystems have support for compression it becomes more 
interesting the comparre actual file/directory (content) size and the 
corresponding on-disk size. Currently you have to call du twice to do that, 
which quickly becomes cumbersome in practice (commandlines, parsing the output) 
and requires repeating the same IO operations twice.

The code obtains both size values at the same time so it would make sense to do 
both calculations at the same time, and provide an option to display the 
regular and "apparent-size" values in column output. My guess would be that the 
cost of calculating both output values at the same time is negligible w.r.t. 
the cost of the stat() call (and thus that there's no need to complexify the 
code with "calculate this and/or that" conditionals).

The option could be called --both, --colums (-C) or --two (-T).

I'd also reconsider the "apparent-size" term as I think it is confusing and 
ambiguous. Consider this, taken from a ZFS dataset with gzip-9 compression (and 
copies=1; du v8.30):

%> du -hcs /Volumes/nif64/tmp/.npm/ ; du -hcs --apparent-size 
340M    /Volumes/nif64/tmp/.npm/
180M    /Volumes/nif64/tmp/.npm/

Same folder on btrfs (mounted with compress=lzo):
%> du -hcs /mnt/.npm/ ; du -hcs --apparent-size  /mnt/.npm
198M    /mnt/.npm/
181M    /mnt/.npm

According to `du --help`, the apparent-size option reports a size that is not 
the actual disk usage. The numbers above seem to show the opposite.
If anything, I find the concept of "apparent size" more appropriate to the size 
a file occupies on the storage medium because ultimately that storage device 
will not give you more than "struct stat : st_size" bytes for uncompressed 
Another way to say it: with "--apparent-size", du returns the actual file size; 
without, it returns how large the file appears to be (judging from its disk 

For comparison; same folder,  on Mac with HFS+
%> du -hcs /Volumes/VMs/.npm ; du -hcs --apparent-size /Volumes/VMs/.npm
198M    /Volumes/VMs/.npm
181M    /Volumes/VMs/.npm

Idem, with HFS+ compression (zip-9)
%> du -hcs /Volumes/VMs/.npm ; du -hcs --apparent-size /Volumes/VMs/.npm
115M    /Volumes/VMs/.npm
148M    /Volumes/VMs/.npm



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