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bug#34713: Files vanishing when moving to different FS

From: Christoph Michelbach
Subject: bug#34713: Files vanishing when moving to different FS
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2019 23:10:51 +0100

To reproduce this bug, you need two different file systems. Adapt the
paths to fit your system.

Set the experimental file structure up like this:

mkdir exp
cd exp
mkdir a
cd a
touch a{1..100000}
cd ..
mkdir b
cd b
touch b{1..10000}
mkdir /t/ae # /t has to be on a different file system

Then have two terminals open in the exp directory created above. In
one, execute this command:

mv a /t/ae

In the other, execute this one while the one in the first terminal
still is running (hence the large number of files so you have time to
do this):

mv b/* a

You will end up with 100 000 files in /t/ae. The 10 000 files beginning
with the letter b will be gone.

Christoph Michelbach <address@hidden>

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