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bug#49716: no -print0 for ls?

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: bug#49716: no -print0 for ls?
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 21:52:26 +0200
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On 7/26/21 5:00 PM, Pádraig Brady wrote:
> The patch set looks good thanks.

Wait - I see another reason why we didn't add it earlier:

The --null option is not compatible with about half of the other options of 
at least the actual output is more than questionable, and not usable in 
context.  The -R option is the first one which obviously can't work as such.

The following options don't work well with --null, because they output other,
additional information or transform/escape the file names:

  -b, --escape               print C-style escapes for nongraphic characters
  -C                         list entries by columns
      --color[=WHEN]         colorize the output; WHEN can be 'always' (default
                               if omitted), 'auto', or 'never'; more info below
  -F, --classify             append indicator (one of */=>@|) to entries
      --file-type            likewise, except do not append '*'
      --full-time            like -l --time-style=full-iso
  -g                         like -l, but do not list owner
      --indicator-style=WORD  append indicator with style WORD to entry names:
                               none (default), slash (-p),
                               file-type (--file-type), classify (-F)
  -i, --inode                print the index number of each file
  -l                         use a long listing format
  -m                         fill width with a comma separated list of entries
  -n, --numeric-uid-gid      like -l, but list numeric user and group IDs
  -o                         like -l, but do not list group information
  -p, --indicator-style=slash
                             append / indicator to directories
  -q, --hide-control-chars   print ? instead of nongraphic characters
  -Q, --quote-name           enclose entry names in double quotes
      --quoting-style=WORD   use quoting style WORD for entry names:
                               literal, locale, shell, shell-always,
                               shell-escape, shell-escape-always, c, escape
                               (overrides QUOTING_STYLE environment variable)
  -R, --recursive            list subdirectories recursively
  -s, --size                 print the allocated size of each file, in blocks
  -x                         list entries by lines instead of by columns
  -Z, --context              print any security context of each file

While the actual change is small - i.e., change the newline to a '\0' for the 
I'm afraid that it will become quite hairy to discuss the actual problems of 
future users
of that option when combining it with one of the above options.

I really have some qualms with adding --null to ls(1).  If this is about 
listing files
in the current directory in a certain sort order for a processing purpose, then 
would IMO warrant a new utility rather than blowing ls(1).

Have a nice day,

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