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bug#51792: coreutils - csplit - feature request

From: Rodolfo Aramayo
Subject: bug#51792: coreutils - csplit - feature request
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 11:05:09 -0600

Dear Coreutils Maintainers,

First, thank you for your work. I use coreutils daily both for my research
and teaching. It is a great set of tools.

Second, I recently needed to extract Coding Sequences information from a
GenBank file. GenBank files are used in Computational
Genomics/Bioinformatics extensively. I used csplit, and it works like a

The command I used is:

csplit -sz -n 5 --prefix=02_ 01_00001

I was unable to declare: "[[:space:]]\+" as I expected for POSIX aware code.

My question is: Is csplit POSIX compatible? and if it is not, can we make
it POSIX compatible?

Many Thanks


Dr. Rodolfo Aramayo, PhD
Faculty of Biology and Genetics
Department of Biology, Texas A&M University

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