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[Bug-cpio] Status of mt command?

From: Keith Thompson
Subject: [Bug-cpio] Status of mt command?
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 16:17:11 -0800
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When I installed cpio-2.5.tar.gz a couple of years ago, it installed
a bin/mt command and a man/man1/mt.1 man page, though there's no
mention of the mt command in cpio.info.

I just installed cpio-2.6.tar.gz, and the bin/mt command is missing,
though the man/man1/mt.1 man page is still there (and is unchanged
from release 2.5).

There's no mention of any such change in the Changelog or NEWS files.

This doesn't really affect me, since I don't use the mt command,
but it seems odd.

Keith Thompson (The_Other_Keith) address@hidden  <http://www.ghoti.net/~kst>
San Diego Supercomputer Center           <*>  <http://users.sdsc.edu/~kst>
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