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[Bug-cpio] (non-posix) tar support broken after cpio 2.5 ?

From: Kai Doernemann
Subject: [Bug-cpio] (non-posix) tar support broken after cpio 2.5 ?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 13:51:04 -0000
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when running the attached test-script cpio-2.7
sends many 'malformed number' error messages
to stderr. Is support for old tar archives broken ?
Same problem with 2.9 ...

Greetings from Munich



# copy gcpio-2.5 and gcpio-2.7 to this directory

find /etc/fstab /etc/hosts | pax -w -x tar > etc.tar
file etc.tar
./gcpio-2.5 --version
./gcpio-2.5 -t < etc.tar
./gcpio-2.7 --version
./gcpio-2.7 -t < etc.tar

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