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[Bug-cpio] cpio segfaulting when using -E

Subject: [Bug-cpio] cpio segfaulting when using -E
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 01:16:10 +1000

I'm running cpio 2.10

If you run the following, then cpio segfaults:

  cpio -E no_such_file -t

The problem is actually in .../lib/error.c, in open_error(...). The problem is that open_error is meant to return an error that it can't continue, and then it should exit... unfortunately because it calls on the function call_arg_error(...) it never actually exits. I'm fairly certain that it's meant to be calling on call_arg_fatail(...).

I did recompile the package with this, and indeed cpio doesn't segfault any more.

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