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[Bug-cpio] Bug#610494: --no-preserve-group

From: jidanni
Subject: [Bug-cpio] Bug#610494: --no-preserve-group
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 07:24:40 +0800

X-debbugs-Cc: address@hidden
Package: cpio
Version: 2.11-6
Severity: wishlist

We see
     Do not change the ownership of the files; leave them owned by the
     user extracting them.  This is the default for non-root users, so
     that users on System V don't inadvertantly give away files.  This
     option can be used in copy-in mode and copy-pass mode
Don't you also need a --no-preserve-group, or at least mention that this
also doesn't preserve group or something.

P.S., at
`--owner OWNER'
     In copy-in and copy-pass mode, set the ownership of all files
     created to the specified OWNER (this operation is allowed only for
     the super-user). In copy-out mode, store the supplied owner
     information in the archive.
s/allowed/actually works/

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