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[Bug-cpio] 64 bit cpio format for RPM?

From: Florian Festi
Subject: [Bug-cpio] 64 bit cpio format for RPM?
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 13:12:58 +0200
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As you may know RPM is using the cpio format to store the files contents within the RPM packages. During the last couple of years a number of issues have popped up that root in the limitation to 32 bits in the integer data fields of the cpio format. It is just a question of time until this limitation will become unbearable for RPM. So at some point in the future we need to add support for another archive format.

As RPM contains a tool called rpm2cpio the cpio format is part of the user visible interface and switching over to a different format would break some use patterns. So having a 64 bit cpio format that is supported by the cpio executable would be a big win for us.

But growing file sizes, file system sizes and the spreading use of 64 bit are not RPM specific issues. Are there already considerations of adding such a format or is the plan to keep cpio 32 bit only?


    Florian Festi

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