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Inconsistent execute permission handling

From: Martyn Klassen
Subject: Inconsistent execute permission handling
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 11:24:30 -0400

CVS seems to handle execute file permissions in a somewhat arbitrary way. If I add a shell script to the repository with the correct execute permissions, subsequently checked out versions have the correct execute permissions. However, if I forget to set execute permissions on shell script before adding it to the repository, the only way I have found to correctly get the execute permissions on a checked out version is set execute permissions on the file within the repository. cvs commit, even on a modified file, doesn't update the execute file permissions in the repository. However, cvs update will update the execute permissions, after a manual change in the repository, but only if the file contents has also been modified. I understand that need for cvs modifying file permissions on checkout and commit, but the inconsistency of handling the execute permissions (updating, but only sometimes, committing only for new files) is somewhat disconcerting. Is there a specific rationale for this behaviour that I'm missing?

Personally, I would like CVS to keep track of the execute permissions during commit and update commands. My projects have numerous shell scripts, and recreating the correct execute permissions after each checkout is something I'd rather not have to do, but I also don't want to tell user's to manually edit the repository if they accidentally check in a script with the wrong permissions.

Martyn Klassen

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