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Re: Patches for --vnlog support

From: Erik Auerswald
Subject: Re: Patches for --vnlog support
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 21:30:12 +0200
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Hi Tim,

On 10.08.22 10:00, Erik Auerswald wrote:
On Tue, Aug 09, 2022 at 09:08:24PM +0000, Tim Rice wrote:

I've had a play around with the vnlog patches and done some tidying
up, both to help them make sense to me, and also to make them more
consistent with GNU and Datamash code style [1].

[1] https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Writing-C


The attached diff is against commit 5fd50ec. The default test suite
is currently passing.

I've skimmed your patch and would like to add some comments (this is
not exhaustive).

The attached patch against your patch removes the changes I have
mentioned in my previous email.  Datamash still compiles and the
tests still pass.  I have manually checked that "--vnl" and "--vn"
work as abbreviations of "--vnlog".

I did not add anything, i.e., texinfo documentation and testing
that a Semicolon does not result in a trailing comment with
"--vnlog" is still open.

I have still not reviewed the actual implementation of "--vnlog"

[...removed the detailed comments...see the diff instead...]


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