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DDD 3.2.91 bug report

From: Colin Browell
Subject: DDD 3.2.91 bug report
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:13:07 +0000

I have just found a bug in DDD version 3.2.91 (which may have been present in
older versions).

If you have the gdb console pane (in the main DDD window) CLOSED, and you
type any character on the keyboard, the keyboard input is processed by DDD as
if it had been typed into the GDB pane. It is therefore possible to type GDB
commands (and have them executed) even though you can't see what you are typing.

If the GDB pane has deliberately been CLOSED (either as a startup option or
via the DDD menu) then this should mean that gdb command entry should be
impossible via the DDD window.

We drive DDD from a parent program which sends gdb commands to DDD via the
"ddd -tty" mechanism, and we consequently have DDD appear WITHOUT a gdb command
pane. But we have found that these commands can be corrupted by keypresses
which a user may inadvertently do while the DDD window is in focus.

In summary, DDD should ignore keypresses (except hot keys) if its GDB pane is

Colin Browell

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