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Compiler Error: PannedGE.C

From: Peter Johnson
Subject: Compiler Error: PannedGE.C
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:30:48 -0000


I'ld like to report a fatal syntax error in ddd 3.2.1

Version: ddd-3.2.1
Source File: PannedGE.C
Error: line 88 non-lvalue '&'
OS: Redhat Linux 7 Deluxe Edition
gcc 2.96

I modified PannedGE.C to fix the syntax error and the diff -c5 is attached.
I'll perform further testing the ddd executable to ensure it works

If you require further information please reply to this e-mail.

Kind regards.

Peter Johnson
Senior Programmer
BAM Studios Europe Ltd
tel: +44 20 77428 7803


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