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Re: error making DDD / undefined reference to `viewportWidgetClass'

From: Andreas Zeller
Subject: Re: error making DDD / undefined reference to `viewportWidgetClass'
Date: 23 Nov 2000 10:40:33 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> When trying to make DDD, I get the error message below saying that the
> reference to viewportWidgetClass in ddd/vsl.C is undefined. Does anyone
> know what library viewportWidgetClass is supposed to be defined in? Any
> help is greatly appreciated.

`viewportWidgetClass' is part of the Xaw (aka `Athena') library.  You
don't need the `vsl' program, though.  

I'll try to set up things such that `vsl' is not build when the Athena
library is not there.


Andreas Zeller     Universitaet Passau

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